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There Are Always Words. [non]Festival of Popular (and Unpopular) Stories – 2020


Certaldo & Gambassi Terme + other places in Empolese Valdelsa area
opening: September 5th, 2020 at 6.30 p.m – Praetorian Palace – Certaldo (FI)

There Are Always Words. [non]Festival of Popular (and Unpopular) Stories is the first ‘diffuse’ Festival on the theme of narratives and storytelling, which gives centre stage to people and their stories of everyday life.

Through everyday life stories the Festival seeks to reconstruct connections within communities, affirming and strengthening empathy. In our current world, where interpersonal relationships are filtered by virtual communications, bringing to light common, everyday stories becomes the means for people to find, listen to, and recognise each other. A [non]Festival where the live, storytelling word is the heart and soul of the project, the contemporary instrument for valorising local and regional identities.

Main objective of this project are the participation of the community and the re-definition of the cultural mission of the territory.

It is promoted by MuDEV with the Municipality of Gambassi Terme and produced by YAB Young Artist Bay, in compliance with the guidelines of the Municipalities Union of the Empolese Valdelsa as well as with the touristic and cultural policy of the Metropolitan City of Florence.

The idea of the Festival was formulated by Andrea Zanetti, who is its artistic director, together with Cinzia Compalati.

The principal characteristic of There Are Always Words is the innovation:  it is a ‘diffuse’ Festival, in terms of both time and space; a Festival without ‘big names’, which reverses roles, making citizens the protagonists; its objective is to transform the community into a live museum; it is a series of events that can be rearranged and reproduced in other places.

It is a Festival [non] Festival where the community becomes the actor, and at the same time the playing stage itself.  Even the chosen sites – from the gym to the Centre for Shipbuilding and Rowing, from the citizens’ homes to the association offices, from the kilns to the museums – play a fundamental role in the regenerative process of individual and regional identity. A Festival that makes its “non” the positive thrust toward the codification of contemporary complexities, and of the extraordinary quality of daily life.

Stay tuned…soon we will release the programme.


Filippo Belli, MuDEV: press@museiempolesevaldelsa,  ph. +39 0571 661308
Chiara Serri, CSArt Comunicazione per l’arte: chiara.serri@csart.it, tel. +39 0522 1715142 o +39 348 7025100