Concert Ginevra Di Marco: music and popular tradition

Ginevra Di Marco:  Music and Popular Tradition
Popular Narratives

Concert-Event – 30 November 2018 at 9 p.m.

Montespertoli (FI), Wine Culture Centre I Lecci – Via Lucardese, 74

Montespertoli and music are an already familiar duo: located in an area of renowned theatrical and lyric traditions, the city that gave birth to the famous tenor Amedeo Bassi is synonymous with music.  Likewise, the identity of Montespertoli – gateway to the Chianti – is connected to popular and material culture, those resources of local knowledge that the earth passes down from germination to germination.  It is in this context that Ginevra di Marco and her musicians will create a new production for Montespertoli, made of the music and stories of the local inhabitants, which will come together in the premiere concert of 30 November.
Free admission. Reservation required writing name, surname and phone number to The reservation is valid only after receiving written confirmation from the Festival.

This final act of the Festival will also offer the occasion to design and organise an educational project for the entire Empolese Valdelsa territory. Early middle school students will work, with the assistance of teachers and educational workers, as bloggers and narrators of the project. If on the one hand they will have the chance to encounter and interact with an artist of national renown, on the other they will become, with the supervision and accompaniment of adults, self-aware users of social networks, which instead of posing a “danger” will assume a formative, educational, and documentary role, as well as giving students an experience to remember “as grown-ups.”