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Museums for people with Alzheimer’s

There Are Always Words. [non]Festival of Popular (and Unpopular) Stories
25 July 2018

The Museums of Empolese Valdelsa’s programme for people with Alzheimer’s and their carers

A year of events, activities, encounters and experiences

The MuDEV (Museo Diffuso Empolese Valdelsa) promotes Museums and Alzheimer’s, a year of meetings, activities and experiences aimed at people with Alzheimer’s and their carers: from  January 17 (2018) to the end of September, 20 meetings will be held in various museums and libraries of the Empolese Valdelsa area.

The project is curated by the BeGo – The Benozzo Gozzoli Museum. The museum’s director Serena Nocentini, with Stefania Bertini and Alice Vignoli – began the project in 2016, from which time it has been entirely promoted and produced by the MuDEV and by the Union of the Empolese Valdelsa Municipalities. The project is funded by Tuscany Region, in the framework of the PIC 2017.
Tuscany Region and the cultural association Immaginario Firenze are mapping the Tuscan museums that are working together to make themselves accessible to the elderly with Alzheimer’s and to those who care for them.

Collaborators and participators in the project are: RSA V. Chiarugi (Empoli) – RSA A. Volta (Empoli) – RSA Il Castello (Montelupo Fiorentino) – The Memory House Circle – (Montelupo Fiorentino) – RSA S. Maria Misericordia (Montespertoli) – EMD Ciapetti (Castelfiorentino) – RSA P. Neruda (Castelfiorentino) – Villa Serena (Montaione) – RSA Le Vele (Fucecchio) – Day Center I Tigli (Certaldo)

The report on the project at regional level is available on the website www.museiperlalzheimer.com while the route and the involvement of Empoli Valdelsa are available on the MuDEV website at www.museiempolesevaldelsa.it/musei-per-lalzheimer

The initiative is free and open to all.


17 January 2018 15.00
Museum of the Collegiate Church of Sant’Andrea di Empoli

24 January 2018 15.00
MUVE Glass Museum, Empoli
Info: tel. 0571 76714 – empolimusei@comune.empoli.fi.it

7 February 2018 at 15.00
Archaeological Museum of Montelupo Fiorentino
Info: tel. 370 33 050 87 – info@musarcmontelupo.it

15 February 2018 15.00
Museum of Ceramics, Montelupo Fiorentino
Info: tel. 0571 51543 – info@museomontelupo.it

15 March 2018 15.00
Amedeo Bassi Museum, Montespertoli
Info: tel. 0571 600255 – touristofficemontespertoli@gmail.com

22 March 2018 at 15.00
Museum of Vine and Wine, Montespertoli
Info: tel. 0571 606068 – ctmontespertoli@gmail.com

5 april 2018 at 15.00
BeGo Benozzo Gozzoli Museum, Castelfiorentino
Info: tel. 0571 64448 – info@museobenozzogozzoli.it

19 april 2018 15.00
Museum of Sacred Art, Santa Verdiana
Info: tel. 0571 64096 – museosantaverdiana@gmail.com

17 May 2018 hours 15.00
Civic Museum, Fucecchio
Info: tel. 0571 268262 – museo@comune.fucecchio.fi.it

24 May 2018 at 3.00pm
Civic/ Padule Museum, Fucecchio

7 June 2018 15.00
House of Boccaccio, Certaldo
Info: tel. 0571 661265 – musei@comune.certaldo.fi.it

21 June 2018 15.00
Palazzo Pretorio, Certaldo
Info: tel. 0571 661219 – musei@comune.certaldo.fi.it

19 September 2018 15.00
Exhibition Center of Shipbuilding and Rowing, Capraia and Limite
Info: tel. 333 4497474 – canottierilimitemuseo@gmail.com


31 January 2018
Empoli, Renato Fucini Library

21 February 2018
Montelupo Fiorentino, MMAB Montelupo Museum Archive Library

29 March 2018
Montespertoli, Ernesto Balducci Library

26 April 2018
Castelfiorentino, Vallesiana Library

31 May 2018
Fucecchio, Indro Montanelli Library

28 June 2018
Certaldo, Bruno Ciari Library

27 September 2018
P. Neruda Library Capraia


Museums for people with Alzheimer’s

Archive Museums for people with Alzheimer’s 2016/2017