The artists’ registry

Situated on the outskirts of Florence, the Empolese Valdelsa is a region of great creativity.
The artists' registry is an informal, interactive list where artists of all kinds can both register themselves and cancel at any time.

It's a great way of 'feeling the pulse' of artistic energies currently active in the area. It is made up of painters, sculptors, artisans, photographers, designers, architects and performers. The traveler - our 'art pilgrim', who may want to discover what's happening in the contemporary art scene - can use it as a tool, a way to make contact and visit some of these workshops in the area. Let's not forget that the community of resident artists is a part of the widespread open-air Museum. These are the people we should meet on our journey in the Tuscan countryside.

Before turning up, we recommend a phone call or contact made via email.