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Teaching aids offered by the Empolese Valdelsa Museums

The Empolese Valdelsa Museums present their educational itineraries with visits for schools of all levels for the 2018/2019 school year. The offer includes a programme of seven thematic itineraries within the region. Diverse itineraries include visits to a choice of MuDEV Museums, all offering different routes throughout the region. Information packs are available, providing materials and activities for families and for individuals so that the museum sites come alive. Children can interact with the cultural heritage of the territory outside of the school environment, along with the adults who accompany them. The artistic, cultural and scenic heritage of the Empolese Valdelsa region lends itself to interaction at any age and school participation provides a particularly valuable opportunity for growth and learning.

As a widespread museum the 11 municipalities of the territory (Capraia and Limite, Castelfiorentino, Certaldo, Cerreto Guidi, Empoli, Fucecchio, Gambassi Terme, Montaione, Montelupo Fiorentino, Montespertoli and Vinci) offer schools rich and varied educational proposals of new ways to experience this fascinating region. New itineraries have been created utilising themes that lend themselves to the particular didactic intent of each individual site whilst still unifying the overarching aims of the museum network.

Visits can vary according to choices made by teachers, also potentially including other sites in the region. To learn more visit For proposals regarding the Municipality of Empoli, the organisation reserves the right to confirm the availability of services on request.


Reservation is compulsory both for educational visits and for museum only entrances in all MuDEV sites.
For booking please contact the museum of interest directly.
For tourist information:
tel. 0571 933285


Customizable itineraries can last from half a day up to several days. All arrangements must be agreed at the time of booking.
Itineraries curated by Sigma CSC

Facilities for Schools:

  • Museum of Fucecchio: free entry, and a free stationery gadget
  • The Museum of Leonardo and His Birthplace in Vinci: 5 interactive books and school museum game
  • Empoli: stationery gadget
  • Museum of Sacred Art, Palazzo Pretorio, Casa del Boccaccio in Certaldo: discounted rate of € 2.00 for admission to two museums; € 2.50 for admission to three museums
  • Museo Amedeo Bassi, Montespertoli: a young person's notebook
  • Musei di Gambassi Terme and Montaione: 1 magazine per class
  • Musei di Cerreto Guidi: one workshop ( booked in advance) for € 2.00 instead of €3.50
  • The school can choose from those listed under 'Museum at Play'. The activity consists of a visit and an interactive game based on what has been learned during the visit
  • The Medici. Medici Portraits: an introduction to the museum and a visit to the villa
  • We learn an ancient trade: visit the museum of crafts and life in the Padule as well as the weaving workshop
  • The sharecropper's trunk, explored during a single visit to the museum
  • Museum of Ceramics in Montelupo Fiorentino: one set of publications on the ceramics of Montelupo and Tuscan ceramics per class
  • BeGo Museum of Castelfiorentino: free animated guided tour included in the reduced ticket cost of € 2.00 per person and a 50% discount on all workshops available while funds last
Links to teaching activity programmes in the MuDEV

The Benozzo Gozzoli Museum, Castelfiorentino
MuMeLoc,Cerreto Guidi
Boccaccio's House, Certaldo
Museo di Paleontologia di Empoli
Glass Museum, Empoli
Fondazione Montanelli Bassi a Fucecchio
Civic Museum, Fucecchio
"The Jerusalem" of San Vivaldo
Museum of Ceramics, Montelupo Fiorentino
MusArc, Montelupo Fiorentino
The Museum of Leonardo, Vinci