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    9 January 2018
    Benozzo Gozzoli - Detached frescoes and sinopias (preliminary sketches) 1490-1491 Castelfiorentino, BeGo Museum -The Benozzo Gozzoli Museum The tabernacle, originally on the Via Volterrana, opposite the convent of Santa Maria della Marca in Castelfiorentino, was painted by Benozzo Gozzoli
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    5 January 2018
    Benozzo Gozzoli and assistants Tabernacle of The Madonna of the Cough 1484 detached frescoes Castelfiorentino, The Benozzo Gozzoli Museum A Castelfiorentino, un museo raccoglie gli affreschi staccati dai Tabernacoli situati lungo la via Francigena che furono affrescati da Benozzo Gozzoli
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    7 September 2016
    Models and digital animations The Museum Path in the Municipality of Vinci In Vinci, where Leonardo was born and developed early inspiration for his studies and paintings, the Leonardo Museum presents one of the most extensive