Who We Are

The MuDEV (Museo Diffuso Empolese Valdelsa) is a cultural network project that unites the eleven individual Municipalities of Empolese Valdelsa. This is an area of ​​735 square kilometres in central Tuscany, with 174.200 permanent residents. It hosts over 1 million overnight stays by tourists and 300,000 annual admissions to the museums in the region.

To date, 21 museums make up the network. Its overarching aim is to ensure that they all fall within the requirements of the Integrated Culture Plans (PIC) of the Tuscany Region, thereby cementing the scientific, managerial and promotional collaboration of the museums themselves.

The MuDEV is based on the theories expounded by two French museologists, Georges Henri Riviére and Hugues de Varine. In 1971 they coined the phrase ‘diffused museum’ and introduced three new parameters that built upon traditional museum foundations. The concept of the building itself was replaced by an acknowledgement of the whole territory, the collection by the idea of cultural heritage and the public was replaced by the concept of community. These are the three fundamental concepts on which the museum system focuses its research, which is updated through inclusion, participation, accessibility and experimentation.

Visits can be made by purchasing single tickets for each museum or with the purchase of The Art Pilgrim’s Passport. This is a unique ticket, inspired by The Via Francigena Credential Certificate and gives access to each of the 21 museums for a year.
It costs just 15 euros (compared to a total of 52 euros for 20 single entries) and is also available in a ‘family’ version, which costs 35 euros for 2 adults and up to 3 children/young persons (under 18 years old).


Municipalities and Museums of the Museum System Empolese Valdelsa Diffused Museum:
Municipality of Capraia e Limite: Rowing Museum
Municipality of Castelfiorentino: Santa Verdiana Museum, BeGo Benozzo Gozzoli Museum
Municipality of Cerreto Guidi: MuMeLoc Museum of Local Memory
Municipality of Certaldo: Boccaccio’s House, Praetorian Palace, Nail Museum
Municipality of Empoli: Museum of the Collegiata, Pontormo’s House, MUVE Glass Museum
Municipality of Fucecchio: Civic and Diocesan Museum
Municipality of Gambassi Terme: Permanent Exhibition Glass production in Gambassi (XIIIth–XVIth centuries)
Municipality of Montaione: Jerusalem of San Vivaldo, Civic Museum
Municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino: Museum of Ceramics, Museum of Archaeology
Municipality of Montespertoli: Sacred Art Museum, Amedeo Bassi Museum, Museum of Wine I Lecci
Municipality of Vinci: Leonardo’s Museum, Leonardo’s Native House