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The 'Museo Diffuso Empolese Valdelsa', or 'MuDEV', provides an immersive experience within a cultural heritage which represents both the territory and the community that lives there. Your visit does not end at the walls of the museum but continues into the unimaginably beautiful landscape, as one loses oneself among the gentle Florentine hills, perhaps to end the day by sitting at a table with a glass of good wine. We were inspired by the Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrimage route - which crosses a large section of the area - to offer paths to follow as a type of modern 'pilgrim of art'. This large open-air museum invites you to slow tourism; You can decide yourself how to tackle your own personal pathway, whether on foot, by bike, on horseback, in a camper van, on a motorbike or from a car seat with the window down. So much remains from the birth of the Renaissance that it will never cease to surprise you! Not just the medieval villages, Romanesque parishes, historic houses but also the more material culture and gastronomy.


19 March 2020

Museums closed untill April 3, 2020

CORONAVIRUS HEALTH EMERGENCY In compliance with the Prime Minister Decree March 8, 2020, the Museums are closed until April 3
9 December 2019

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9 December 2019

Leonardo da Vinci is your ‘audio guide’ on iziTRAVEL

Click here to listen MuDEV, represents the 21 museums of Empolese Valdelsa, and is available on izi.Travel, This is the audio guide for globe-trotters. It is […]


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